Best Value Toy Fisher-Price Learn Baby DJ Table

Learn Baby DJ Table

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Mix and Learn DJ Table is an interactive toy that combines education and entertainment to create a unique play experience for children aged 6 months to 36 months. This detailed review explores its features, usability, educational benefits, and overall impact on child development.

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Top Best Overall Dj Table

Unleash your toddler’s inner DJ with this engaging and interactive DJ playset! This fantastic setup includes a turntable, various level buttons, and a piano, inviting kids to delve into the world of music, sounds, lights, and songs. It’s an all-in-one musical extravaganza for the little ones.

Our young testers couldn’t get enough of the record-and-playback feature, making it a hit among them. Parents observed that even older siblings found themselves drawn to this playful setup. The detachable legs are a thoughtful addition, allowing both sitting and standing play. This design feature encourages toddlers to enhance their balance and motor skills while immersed in musical fun. Suitable for ages 6 to 36 months.

Most Versatile Dj Table for Kids Interactive Features

Laugh & Learn Mix & Learn DJ Table

The Laugh & Learn Mix & Learn DJ Table from Fisher-Price is a haven for little music enthusiasts to fine-tune their motor skills while grooving to Puppy’s coolest tunes. This multifunctional learning toy doubles as an activity table and is packed with a piano that offers three exciting play modes. Additionally, it boasts 12 different fine motor activities and three Smart Stages learning levels, ensuring that the entertainment and educational value evolves with your child’s growth. For the tiny tots, the table can be used without legs for comfortable floor play. As your child grows and gains confidence in standing, attach the legs to transform it into a stand-up DJ station.


  • Music-themed activity table with 3 piano play modes, multi-color lights, and 12 engaging fine motor activities for baby and toddler DJs to explore
  • 100+ songs, sounds & learning phrases! Press the 8 piano keys, spin the light-up Puppy disc, or press the light-up number pad
  • 3 Smart Stages learning levels grow along with your baby and teach colors, shapes, numbers & counting, opposites, the alphabet and Spanish words
  • Record & play back: Record a fun message and hear the DJ mix it into a song
  • Helps foster fine motor skills, balance and coordination while introducing cause & effect to babies and toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years old
  • Smilestones: Bringing a smile to milestones! This toy helps foster Motor Skills by encouraging toddlers to stand & explore activities that exercise dexterity, balance & coordination

Design and Versatility

The DJ Table is designed with versatility in mind. For infants, it can be used without legs, allowing them to play while sitting. As the child grows, the legs can be attached, transforming it into a stand-and-play toy suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. This adaptability ensures that the toy grows with the child, providing lasting value and continuous learning opportunities.

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Most Versatile Dj Table for Kids Interactive Features

The table is packed with interactive elements that engage and stimulate young minds:

Three Music Modes: Children can choose between piano, party, or synth modes, allowing them to explore different sounds and musical styles.

Number Pad and Piano Keys: These features introduce basic numbers and musical notes, promoting early numeracy and musical skills.

Spinning Record and Remix Button: This unique feature records the child’s voice or sounds and remixes them into a song, enhancing their auditory skills and encouraging creativity.

Non-Electronic Play Elements: The bead maze, shape sliders, number roller, and other manual features develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Fisher-Price’s smart stages technology

Three Stages of Play

Fisher-Price’s smart stages technology is evident in this toy, offering three distinct modes of play that align with the child’s developmental stage:

Explore Stage: Focuses on introducing basic concepts like colors, numbers, and shapes through engaging sounds and music.

Encourage Stage: Uses bilingual phrases and songs to promote language skills and cognitive development.

Pretend Stage: Encourages imaginative play through realistic DJ sounds and music, fostering creativity and role-playing abilities.

Best Toy for baby learning Dj Table Educational Benefits

The DJ Table is more than just a toy; it’s a tool for learning. It helps children develop essential skills:

Cognitive Development: Through its educational content, it stimulates cognitive development by teaching colors, numbers, shapes, and letters.

Language Skills: The bilingual content enhances language acquisition and comprehension.

Motor Skills: The variety of buttons, sliders, and interactive elements improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Musical Awareness: Exposure to different musical modes and instruments fosters an early appreciation and understanding of music.

Social and Emotional Development: The toy encourages interactive play, helping children develop social skills and emotional intelligence.

User Experience

Children are naturally drawn to the toy’s bright colors, flashing lights, and engaging sounds. The variety of features keeps them engaged and curious, ensuring that playtime is both fun and educational. Parents appreciate the toy’s ability to adapt to their child’s growing abilities and its role in promoting key developmental milestones.

Durability and Safety

Fisher-Price, renowned for producing durable, high-quality toys, upholds its reputation with the DJ Table. Designed to endure the energetic play of toddlers, this table promises longevity, accompanying a child through multiple developmental stages. Safety is a top priority, with all materials being non-toxic and child-friendly.

Pros Cons
Versatile design for different developmental stages.

Educational content that grows with the child.

Diverse interactive features for engaging play.

Promotes key developmental skills.

Durable and safe for young children.

No significant cons noted, making it an ideal choice for young learners.

Overall Rating

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Mix and Learn DJ Table earns a 5-star rating for its educational value, interactive features, and adaptability. It’s a well-rounded toy that combines learning with entertainment, making it a valuable addition to any child’s playroom.

The Laugh & Learn DJ Table exemplifies Fisher-Price’s commitment to creating toys that are fun, educational, and developmentally appropriate. Its ability to engage children in a variety of activities while teaching fundamental skills makes it a standout product in the early childhood market. Whether it’s learning colors and numbers or just enjoying some music, this toy offers something for every young child. Its appeal lies in its ability to blend play with learning in a way that feels natural and enjoyable for children, making it a must-have for parents seeking to foster early development in a fun and interactive way.


Dimensions (Overall): 14 Inches (H) x 15.9 Inches (W) x 9.25 Inches (D)

Weight: 4.79 Pounds

Suggested Age: 6-36 Months

Assembly Details: Adult Assembly Required, Tools Not Provided

Educational Focus: Music

Material: Plastic

Battery: 3 AA Zinc Carbon, Required, Included

Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean

Origin: Imported

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