Ken Barbie Doll Review The Movie Perfect Day

Ken Barbie Doll Review The Movie Perfect Day in 2024

Welcome to an in-depth review of the latest sensation in the Barbie universe – “Barbie: The Movie Perfect Day Ken.” Brought into the spotlight by Disney Deep Prince, this doll has been eagerly anticipated by fans and collectors alike. With its debut in the movie’s trailer, expectations were high. Let’s dive into a detailed review of this Ken doll and see if it lives up to the hype.

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Design and Aesthetics: A New Mold with a Celebrity Twist

The doll immediately grabs attention with its innovative design. Modeled after Ryan Gosling, it introduces a new mold in the Barbie collection, infusing a touch of Hollywood charm. The rooted hairstyle is a significant upgrade, offering a more realistic look and opening avenues for customization. This feature alone makes the doll a hit among collectors who relish personalizing their figures.

Barbie: The Movie Perfect Day Ken

At -29% off, this Ken doll hits a sweet spot in terms of affordability. It’s an enticing option for acquiring both Barbie and Ken figures without straining the wallet. Mattel’s strategy to balance cost and quality here is commendable, making these iconic characters more accessible while maintaining their charm.

Packaging: Nostalgic and Collector-Friendly

The packaging design deserves applause. The backdrop of the Barbie Dreamhouse adds a layer of nostalgia, reminiscent of the classic 80s Barbie era. The slight issue of bent packaging does little to diminish the overall presentation. The ease with which the doll can be extracted, a crucial factor for collectors keen on maintaining mint condition, is a thoughtful touch.

The Doll: Articulation and Authenticity

Upon unboxing, the doll does not disappoint. It sports an articulated body, differing from other models like President Barbie and Gloria Barbie, who are on unique body types. The snug fit of the clothing, likely due to a sewn snap at the back, is a minor hiccup in an otherwise flawlessly designed figure.

Accessories and Play Value

The skimboard accessory enhances the doll’s play value, although a more robust design could have been more satisfying. The basic outfit – consisting of shoes, a shirt, and pants – mirrors the simplicity and elegance seen in the Perfect Day Barbie.

Disney Deep Prince

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Customization and Compatibility

A significant portion of this review focuses on the rebodying potential of this Ken doll. The detailed comparison with various Mattel doll bodies reveals that the Sean doll body is the best match in terms of skin tone and build. This insight is invaluable for collectors who enjoy diversifying their displays through customization.

Hair Styling: A Personal Touch

The hair, heavily styled with gel, might require some washing and styling for those who prefer a more natural look. This aspect demonstrates the level of detail put into the doll but also suggests the need for collector input to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Pricing and Value

The price point of this Ken doll is appreciated, especially considering the licensing and likeness rights involved in its creation. This doll, alongside the Barbie figure, is perceived as a valuable addition to any collection, particularly for enthusiasts of the Barbie movie series.

A Must-Have for Fans and Collectors

Barbie: The Movie Perfect Day Ken” is a significant addition to the Barbie line. Its distinct design, rooted hair, and articulated body set it apart. While there are areas for improvement, such as the snug fit of the outfit and the accessory durability, these issues are overshadowed by the doll’s overall appeal and potential for customization. It’s an essential item for fans and collectors, promising not just a display piece but an opportunity for creative play and personalization. As the Barbie movie universe expands, this Ken doll sets a promising standard for quality and enjoyment in the world of collectible dolls.

Additional Insights: The Barbie Collection Universe

The “Barbie: The Movie Perfect Day Ken” is more than just a toy; it’s a reflection of the evolving nature of Barbie as a brand. Over the years, Barbie has transformed from a mere children’s toy into a collectible item with a significant adult fanbase. This doll encapsulates this transition, appealing to both younger audiences and adult collectors.

The attention to detail in the doll’s articulation and design is a testament to Mattel’s commitment to quality. The rooted hair, a departure from the traditional painted-on hair, marks a step forward in doll realism. Such features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also allow for a greater degree of personalization, a key aspect for collectors.

The packaging’s design, with its dream house backdrop, is a clever nod to Barbie’s legacy. It invokes a sense of nostalgia while also serving a practical purpose for collectors who prefer to display their dolls in their original boxes. The ease of unpacking the doll without damaging the box is a thoughtful consideration for those who value the condition of their collection.


Ken Doll rating

Barbie: The Movie Perfect Day Ken Doll” from Amazon. The review summary shows an “Excellent” rating with a score of 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 1,410 global ratings. The minimal percentage of lower ratings (3 stars and below) suggests that any criticisms are outliers rather than common issues, which might be due to personal preferences or isolated incidents with product quality or shipping.

  • 91% of the reviewers gave it 5 stars
  • 6% gave it 4 stars
  • 2% gave it 3 stars
  • 0% gave it 2 stars
  • 1% gave it 1 star

With such a strong endorsement from the Amazon customer base, the “Barbie: The Movie Perfect Day Ken Doll” seems to be a highly recommended purchase for fans of the Barbie franchise, doll collectors, or for those seeking a high-quality toy or collectible.

Top Barbie Perfect Day Ken Doll reviews from the United States:

Ken Doll review in 2024

The first review comes from a customer named Pamela K Rowden, who titled it “Wasn’t crazy about his poffy hair!” and posted it on January 15, 2024.  The customer expresses dissatisfaction with the doll’s hair, stating that Ken doesn’t look quite right as a blonde and sharing a preference for different clothing, possibly floral. Despite the critique, the customer purchased the doll for her granddaughters, hinting at the hope that they will appreciate it.

The second review, by Abby N., is more positive and is titled “Great for the price,” dated June 27, 2023. Abby praises the doll’s value, acknowledging she discovered it for less in a store. Despite this, she favored Amazon for its shipping convenience and the doll’s excellent condition when it arrived, reasons that validated her decision to purchase. She intends to keep Ken in the packaging, yet the visible quality appears high, with well-sewn clothing and neatly styled hair. Abby expresses overall satisfaction with the doll, underscoring its appeal as a collector’s item offered at a reasonable price.

These reviews provide a glimpse into the diverse opinions customers have regarding the doll, reflecting different priorities and expectations. One customer focuses on aesthetics and the potential for play; another emphasizes collectibility and value.

Ken Barbie Doll Best Video Review:



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