LEGO Creator three in one Mighty Dinosaur Top One Best Toy, Transforms from T.rex

LEGO Creator three in one Mighty Dinosaur

Today, we have an exciting LEGO set review for all you loyal viewers out there. I’ve tackled my fair share of three-in-one sets in the past, including deep sea creatures, wild lions (or wildlions, as my tongue slipped), and more. But now, I’ve got my hands on the Mighty Dinosaurs set, numbered 31058, and it’s one I’m genuinely thrilled to dive into.

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Dinosaur Toy Collection

Before we get into the details of this set, a quick reminder that I cover a wide range of LEGO reviews, not just Star Wars, so be sure to check out my non-Star Wars review playlist. Also, Micro Fighter Monday is making a comeback in January, so stay tuned for that. But enough about that, let’s focus on this incredible set.

I usually like to build all three models from three-in-one sets and provide you with an up-close and personal review. Throughout the build, I look for various aspects like the overall appearance and the kid test, where I ask my daughter and son to guess what it is. If they get it right, it’s a good sign that LEGO nailed the design.

So, let’s kick things off with the first build, the pterodactyl!

Pterodactyl Build:

The pterodactyl build comes with its own instruction booklet, which is a nice touch. The model, once completed, stands on its own, even though it’s a bit unsteady in a flying position. This build was interesting, though not my favorite among three-in-one sets. But hey, that’s precisely why I chose to start with it – to save the best for last.
I put it to the kid test, and my children correctly identified it as a pterodactyl, so that’s a win. The use of ball joints for the wings was a clever technique, although there were quite a few leftover parts. Despite some minor stability issues, it’s a very posable build.

Triceratops Build:

Next up, we have the triceratops. This build was relatively quick and easy, similar to the wild boar and wild lion from other three-in-one sets. It’s a cute model with adjustability in the head for different looks. While it may look a bit blocky from the back, that’s not a significant concern, as most viewing angles showcase its charm.
One thing to note is that it doesn’t have a mouth, but that’s not a huge issue, considering many triceratops depictions also lack prominent mouths. I loved the detailing, especially the use of teeth to create that protective plate. The overall build is quite posable.

T-Rex Toys

T-Rex Build:

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the T-Rex! This mighty dinosaur is the crown jewel of the set. It comes with its own instruction sheet and boasts incredible articulation. Its menacing appearance is complemented by its expressive eyes, making it an instant favorite.
The T-Rex has movable limbs and a superb tail. The color scheme is spot-on, and its unique personality shines through. This build truly stands out, and I highly recommend it if you’re considering this set.

Pros and Cons of the Mighty Dinosaurs Set


 Diverse Building Experience: One of the biggest pros of this set is the ability to create three different dinosaurs, offering versatility and hours of playtime. It’s like getting multiple sets in one.

Impressive Instruction Booklet: Each dinosaur comes with its own detailed instruction booklet. This attention to detail ensures an enjoyable and manageable building process for each creature.

Pterodactyl Delight: First up is the pterodactyl. The build may be a bit unsteady in its flying pose, but it’s a marvel to watch come together. The use of ball joints and the possibility of this creature make it a fun addition to the collection.

Kid-Friendly Design: It’s always a great sign when kids can immediately recognize the finished product. The pterodactyl successfully passes the “kid test” with flying colors (pun intended).

Triceratops Triumph: Moving on to the triceratops, it’s a quick and enjoyable build. The adjustable head allows for different poses, and the design captures the essence of this iconic dinosaur. It’s a perfect addition to your prehistoric LEGO zoo.

Paper Instructions: Unlike some other sets, this one provides paper instructions for all builds. This means you can take your dinosaur-building adventure anywhere without relying solely on your phone or digital devices.

Environmental Consciousness: With the shift toward digital resources, this set also contributes to a more eco-friendly approach to education and play.

Digital Divide: While we’re discussing digital resources, it’s essential to acknowledge the digital divide. Not all kids have access to technology or the internet, which can create disparities in their ability to engage with digital instruction.

Stability Issues: The pterodactyl, while visually appealing, may have some stability issues. It can be a bit wobbly and prone to falling forward in its flying pose.

Repetitive Building: Some enthusiasts might find that building all three dinosaurs can be repetitive. It’s advisable to select this set if you’re not overly attached to any specific dinosaur build.

Exposed Ball Joints: The triceratops, while charming, does have exposed ball joints in certain areas, which can detract from the overall aesthetics.

Digital Distractions: While not a direct issue with the set itself, it’s important to be mindful of the potential for digital distractions when building and playing with LEGO sets. Striking a balance between screen time and hands-on play is essential for a well-rounded experience.

Mighty Dinosaurs set (31058) is a fantastic three-in-one LEGO set that offers a variety of enjoyable builds. While the pterodactyl may not be the star of the show, the triceratops and T-Rex more than make up for it.

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Suggested Age: 7-12 Years

Assembled Dimensions: 4 Inches (H) x 7 Inches (W) x 9 Inches (D)

CPSC Choking Hazard Warnings: Choking_hazard_small_parts

Educational Focus: Creative Thinking

Includes: Toy Building Components

Material: Plastic

Battery: No Battery Used

Origin: Made in the USA or Imported

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