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Minecraft Touch Screen Interactive Smartwatch Model MIN4045AZ stands out as a fascinating gadget for the young tech enthusiast. Mary Briggs, in his detailed review, introduces us to this smartwatch that’s designed for children aged six and up. Let’s delve into the features, design, and overall functionality of this watch to understand why it’s catching the eye of both parents and children.

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Unboxing the Minecraft Smartwatch

As Mary Briggs points out, the packaging of the Minecraft smartwatch is straightforward yet efficient. Inside the box, you’ll find the smartwatch, a USB to mini USB charging cable, a user’s manual, and a warranty card. The inclusion of a user’s manual is particularly helpful for navigating the various features of the watch, ensuring that children can get the most out of it with little to no adult assistance.

Unboxing the Minecraft Smartwatch

Design and Durability

The watch strap is made of silicone, a wise choice considering the active lifestyle of its target demographic. Silicone straps offer durability and comfort, essential for wearables designed for children. The smartwatch’s splash-proof feature is a practical aspect, considering the occasional spills and splashes that are part and parcel of a child’s day-to-day activities. However, it’s important to note that the watch is not waterproof, a distinction that needs to be kept in mind during water-related activities.

The watch also features a silver metal buckle, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. This choice not only enhances the watch’s appearance but also ensures the durability of the fastening mechanism.

Camera and Power Functionality

One of the watch’s standout features is its camera, allowing children to capture images and videos on the go. This feature not only adds an element of fun but also encourages creativity in young users. The power button is strategically placed, serving multiple functions including turning on the watch, saving battery life by turning off the LCD screen, and waking the screen from sleep mode.

Charging and Connectivity

The inclusion of a USB to mini USB charging cable in the package is a thoughtful addition. This allows for easy charging of the watch and also provides a means to transfer photos and videos to a computer. Such connectivity options broaden the scope of how the watch can be used, making it more than just a time-telling device.

Expandable Storage

Mary Briggs highlights a significant feature of the watch – its expandable storage. The watch supports a micro SD card of up to 32 gigabytes, providing ample space for storing photos, videos, and voice recordings. This feature is particularly useful for children who love to document their adventures or for those who enjoy using the camera and video functions extensively.

Minecraft smartwatch is a key feature

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User Interface and Customization

The interactive touch screen of the Minecraft smartwatch is a key feature. With ten different watch faces to choose from, children can personalize their watch based on their preferences or mood. This level of customization is not only fun but also gives a sense of ownership and individuality to the user.

The watch faces are easily changeable with a simple press and hold on the screen, a user-friendly interface that children can quickly adapt to. The automatic turn-off feature of the LCD screen after about 17 seconds of inactivity is a smart inclusion, helping to conserve battery life.

Entertainment and Games

With six built-in games, the Minecraft smartwatch is not just a tool for timekeeping but a source of entertainment. These games are easily accessible via the touchscreen interface, adding an element of playfulness to the watch. This feature is particularly appealing as it provides children with a form of entertainment that is readily accessible on their wrist.

Photography and Videography Capabilities

The ability to take selfies and record videos adds another layer of functionality to the watch. This feature not only provides entertainment but also allows children to explore their creativity by capturing moments from their perspective.

Health and Utility Tools

The inclusion of a pedometer is a notable feature, promoting physical activity among children. In a time where sedentary lifestyles are becoming more common, having a feature that encourages movement is a significant plus. The watch also comes equipped with a viewer for photos and videos, an alarm, a stopwatch, a timer, a voice recorder, and a calculator. These tools add practical value to the watch, making it a multifunctional device that goes beyond mere timekeeping.

Customization and Settings

Mary Briggs review points out the customization options available in the settings of the watch. Children can choose from three wallpapers, set the date and time, manage storage, and adjust the brightness and volume. Users can easily tailor these features to their individual needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized experience with the watch.

Final Thoughts and Rating

Concluding his review, Mary Briggs expresses optimism about the Minecraft smartwatch’s appeal to its target audience. The combination of playful design, practical features, and educational tools make this smartwatch a worthy contender in the realm of children’s tech. Its ability to blend entertainment with functionality makes it a unique accessory that is likely to captivate the interest and imagination of young users.

Overall, the Minecraft Touch Screen Interactive Smartwatch Model MIN4045AZ presents itself as an engaging and useful gadget for children. The smartwatch’s combination of entertaining features such as games and a camera, along with useful tools like the pedometer and voice recorder, ensures that it goes beyond being a simple timepiece. It becomes a versatile tool for enjoyment, education, and creativity.  For parents looking for a tech-savvy yet child-friendly device, this smartwatch is certainly worth considering.


Minecraft Green Educational Smart Watch” on Amazon. It highlights an “Excellent” rating with 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 4,577 global ratings. The image also displays the percentage of total reviews as a rating breakdown: 71% of reviewers have given it 5 stars, 14% have given it 4 stars, 8% have given it 3 stars, 2% have given it 2 stars, and 5% have given it 1 star.

Top Reviews from the United States

The first review is from an “Amazon Customer” who rated the product with five stars and has the title “Kids really love this product.” It was reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2024, and is marked as a Verified Purchase. The customer mentions that the product was a birthday gift for their grandson and, since it’s brand new, they cannot comment on the battery life yet.

The second review is from “New Englander” who also rated the product with five stars and titled the review “Great for the money.” This review also carries a Verified Purchase mark and the customer posted it in the United States on January 7, 2024. The customer admits not trying the product but notes that the features seemed great for the cost. They initially thought it would be too distracting for their five-year-old grandson and thus did not give it to him, considering perhaps giving it the next year.

Both reviews contribute to the positive feedback for the product, as previously seen in the overall rating summary.

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