Super Mario Piranha Plant Escape Review! Tabletop Action in 2024

Super Mario Piranha Plant Escape Review! Tabletop Action

In the universe of tabletop games, “Piranha Plant Escape” emerges as a delightful blend of nostalgia and novelty. As the latest addition to the family-oriented game night, this offering from Epic Games, provided graciously for review, transports players into the whimsical world of the beloved Super Mario franchise. This review dives deep into the crevices of the Mushroom Kingdom to unearth the treasures of this interactive board game, designed to capture the hearts of Mario aficionados and board game enthusiasts alike.

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Now kids can dive into the world of Super Mario in a new way, without the need for digital screens. In this engaging board game, players journey across a landscape dotted with numbered spaces, each dictating the number of times the trigger button must be pressed. Caution is key, as a press of the button may spring the piranha plant into a sudden ambush! Victory belongs to the last player standing, untouched by the crafty plant’s strike. Beyond the game, the vibrant figures serve as fuel for imaginative adventures, or the piranha plant itself can adorn a desk, adding a touch of gaming flair. Suitable for children aged 4 and up.

Piranha Plant Escape

Packaging and Unboxing Experience

The journey into the “Piranha Plant Escape” begins with its vibrant packaging, adorned with the iconic imagery of Mario, Luigi, and the titular Piranha Plant. The box’s artwork is a siren call to any Super Mario fan, promising an adventure replete with the charm of the digital realm transformed into a tangible experience. Upon lifting the lid, one is greeted with a trove of components, each nestled in its place, awaiting the touch of eager hands ready to bring the game to life.

The unboxing is an experience in itself, with each piece evoking a sense of wonder—the vibrant colors, the sturdy figures of Mario and Luigi, and the looming Piranha Plant, ready to spring into action. The tactile sensation of popping out the pieces and the visual pleasure of the high-quality prints set the stage for a premium gaming session. It’s evident that Epic Games has not only invested in the game’s design but also in the unboxing ritual, making it an integral part of the overall enjoyment.

Assembly and Set-Up

True to its family-friendly branding, “Piranha Plant Escape” champions ease of setup. The game board and pieces come together with an intuitive simplicity that speaks volumes of its inclusive design. The instructions are a clear, concise guide that leads players through assembly without the dreaded complexity often found in modern board games.

Sticker application is a small yet engaging activity that allows players to customize their experience further. The dice, emblazoned with stickers, become not just a tool but a personalized artifact of the game. The swift setup ensures that excitement doesn’t wane before the game even begins. Within minutes, the board springs to life—a 3D playground where Mario and Luigi stand poised to dodge the snaps of the ever-vigilant Piranha Plant.

Gameplay Dynamics

The heart of “Piranha Plant Escape” lies in its gameplay—a dance of chance and strategy that enthralls players of all ages. The roll of the dice ignites the thrill of the chase, with each move fraught with the peril of the Piranha Plant’s attack. The rules are straightforward yet allow for a delicious unpredictability that is the hallmark of a great family game.

Players take turns navigating their figures across the board, dictated by the whims of the dice. The tension builds with each button press—how many times will the Piranha Plant lunge? Who will it ensnare in its clutches? The game captures the essence of Mario’s digital escapades, transforming them into a palpable group experience that is both communal and competitive.

The leap

frogging mechanic where one player can jump over another adds a strategic layer, sparking laughter and tactical discussions among players. This design choice not only encourages forward-thinking but also adds replay value as players learn and adapt their strategies with each game.

The interaction with the Piranha Plant is particularly noteworthy. Rather than being a mere obstacle, it is the unpredictable core of the game. Its ‘attacks’ are random, infusing a delightful tension into each turn. The plant doesn’t discriminate; whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a novice, everyone is equally at risk, leveling the playing field and making each game session uniquely exciting.

Educational Value

“Piranha Plant Escape” is not just a source of entertainment; it subtly incorporates educational elements into its gameplay. For younger players, it reinforces counting and number recognition each time they roll the dice and calculate their moves. The game also introduces basic risk assessment as players decide whether to advance quickly or move cautiously. Furthermore, it encourages social skills such as taking turns, playing fair, and good sportsmanship, which are invaluable lessons for children in a fun, engaging environment.


The mark of any good game is its call to be played again and again. “Piranha Plant Escape” achieves this through its dynamic gameplay and the variety offered by additional figures from other games. The board becomes a new battlefield with every playthrough, as different strategies and dice rolls create new scenarios. The game’s design allows for quick resets, making it easy to go for ‘just one more round,’ a testament to its addictive nature.

Super Mario in a new way

Overall Entertainment Value

The charm of “Piranha Plant Escape” is in its ability to bring people together. In a world where screens often dominate our attention, this game provides a refreshing opportunity to connect in the real world, share laughs, and create memories. The joy of maneuvering beloved characters through a physical space, the rush of narrowly avoiding the plant’s bite, and the shared suspense around the table contribute to an outstanding entertainment experience.

Final Thoughts

In sum, “Piranha Plant Escape” is a resounding success. It manages to encapsulate the enchantment of the Super Mario world in a board game format that is accessible, enjoyable, and replayable. Epic Games has delivered a game that will undoubtedly be a fixture in game nights and a beloved addition to any collection. It’s a game that transcends age, appealing to both young players discovering Mario for the first time and veterans who grew up with the plucky plumber. “Piranha Plant Escape” is not just a game—it’s a portal to a shared adventure, a testament to the enduring magic of Mario and friends.

Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Rating and Reviews

Super Mario Piranha Plant Escape” game has been well-received on Amazon, with an impressive average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars across 5,905 global ratings. The majority of reviewers, 69%, have given the game a full 5-star rating, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. An additional 14% of users rated it 4 stars, suggesting that many players found the game enjoyable but perhaps saw room for some improvement. A smaller percentage of customers gave it 3 stars (9%), 2 stars (4%), and 1 star (4%), which could reflect various individual expectations or experiences. Overall, the strong positive ratings suggest that “Super Mario Piranha Plant Escape” is a hit among consumers, offering fun and engaging gameplay that resonates with a wide audience.

Top reviews from the United States


Top reviews from the United States

The first review by a customer named FNO, titled “fun game,” praises the game for its ease of setup and playability, noting the attractive design of the characters. They express relief at not having to assemble a myriad of pieces, suggesting that the game’s simplicity in this regard makes it more enjoyable and is a significant plus point in their view.

The second review, from a customer named Debbie, is also titled “Fun Game” and highlights the joy her grandson experiences playing the game. She seems satisfied with the gift choice, indicating that it was a successful purchase.

Both reviews contribute to the overall positive reception of the game, emphasizing its ease of use and the fun it brings to children, which is likely to be encouraging for potential buyers looking for a family-friendly board game.

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