The Best Review Tracing Light Box for Creative Kids Gift for Girls and Boys

Best Review Tracing Light Box

Top Kids’ Art Kit: Crayola Tracing Pad


Top Kids' Art Kit: Crayola Tracing Pad Review

Best Educational Toy: Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pink

Today, I want to share my daughter’s absolute favorite toy with you, and also give you some tips on what to watch out for when getting this fantastic tracing light box. First, let me say that this product is incredibly versatile and perfect for artistic children of various ages. Unleash your inner artist with the Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad in charming Pink! This creative art set includes everything you need: 1 Tracing Pad, 12 Short Colored Pencils, 10 Tracing Sheets, 10 Blank Sheets, and 1 Graphite Pencil. With over 100 traceable images to choose from, this pad’s evenly lit surface makes tracing a breeze, even in low-light situations.

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Surprise your kids with this delightful holiday gift, and watch as smiles and imaginative adventures unfold for hours. The Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad encourages artistic confidence and lets kids illuminate their creativity in a safe and nontoxic way. Ideal for budding artists aged 6 and up!

Bright and Functional Design

One of the standout features of this tracing light box is its exceptional functionality. As you can see, even in front of a bright window with the tracer on, it’s visible and effective. It doesn’t require a dark room to function optimally, making it a convenient tool for young artists. Plus, it has a sleek, flat design that’s easy to transport, whether it’s for a car ride or a playdate.

Best Hours of Drawing Fun: Crayola Tracing Pad for Kids


Hours of Drawing Fun: Crayola Tracing Pad for Kids

Variety of Templates

This tracing light box comes with a variety of templates, but here’s a tip: make copies of the original ones or know that you can easily find and print more online. This can be especially helpful because, as a parent, you might know your child’s interests change frequently. So, whether it’s horses, fashion designs, or sports like soccer, you can find and print templates that match their current passion.

Pros and Cons Tracing Light Box

Pros Cons
Versatile Creativity: The tracing light box allows kids to explore their creativity in various ways, from tracing templates to creating original artwork and even making personalized birthday cards.

Educational Value: It helps improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and artistic abilities. It also introduces kids to the concept of light and transparency.

Durable and Long-Lasting: This light box is built to last. Many users report that it remains functional even after years of use.

Suitable for Multiple Ages: It’s an excellent choice for children between the ages of 4 and 10, making it a versatile option for households with siblings of different ages.

Portable and Convenient: Its slim, flat design makes it easy to carry around, whether it’s for a family road trip or a playdate at a friend’s house.

Template Management: Keeping the original templates organized and preventing them from getting lost can be a challenge. Parents need to either store them carefully or be prepared to find and print replacements online.

Slight Dimming Needed: While it works well in well-lit rooms, using thicker stock paper may require slightly dimming the lights for better visibility.

Battery-Powered: The light box relies on AA batteries. While they last a long time, you’ll need to replace them periodically, which can be a minor inconvenience.

Perfect for Creative Projects

What’s fantastic about this tracing light box is that it’s not just for tracing. My kids have used it for various creative projects. They love the fashion design template, and my older one, who’s 10, enjoys it just as much as my 7-year-old, who prefers the horse template.

Beyond tracing, we’ve used it to print pictures for birthday cards, allowing the kids to add their artistic touch to their gifts. You can even use thicker stock paper with this light box, though you may need to dim the lights slightly for a clearer view.

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Durable and Long-Lasting

We’ve had this tracing light box for over three years, and it’s still going strong. It’s an excellent investment for creative kids, providing hours of fun and learning.

In conclusion, the tracing light box is a versatile, educational, and long-lasting toy that children of various ages will adore. It’s perfect for honing their artistic skills, exploring their creativity, and having endless hours of fun. Highly recommended!

Portable and Educational: Best Crayola Tracing Pad Review 2024


Portable and Educational: Crayola Tracing Pad Review

Tracing Light Box: Global Customer Ratings and Reviews on Amazon

Customers appreciate the tracing board for its convenient size, user-friendliness, attractive design, and suitability as a gift. They note its lightweight, portable nature, and an appropriate size for young children. Many users find that it is entertaining for kids, keeping them engaged and cheerful. The board is also valued for its cost-effectiveness. On the downside, some customers express dissatisfaction with the limited number of tracer papers included. Opinions vary regarding the board’s quality and brightness.

Top reviews from the United States

The review provided is a positive assessment of the Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad – Pink Edition. The reviewer, Taylor Trainer, offers a bright perspective on the product, highlighting features such as guided artistry, versatile design, and portability. The product receives praise for serving as a valuable tool for young aspiring artists, offering gentle guidance that transforms simple lines into works of art, often likened to ‘artistic training wheels.’ Many users appreciate the pink color of the pad, considering it a significant aesthetic enhancement to the creative process. Users also highlight its portability, commending the tracing pad for its lightweight and slim design, which enables easy use in various locations, from the kitchen table to a child’s blanket fort, thereby facilitating artistic expression in different settings.


Creative Fun with Crayola Pink Tracing Pad: Tips and Tricks


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